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How to Live through COVID-19 ?

covid 19

1- Things you must do- Wash your hands regularly, always wear a mask, stay at home as much as possible, do not touch your face often, avoid large crowds can help to contain the infection and keep you and your loved ones safe.

2- Take a break from the news- Information overload can be upsetting. Make an effort to switch off your screen once in a while.

3- Take care of your body- Meditate, eat well balanced diet, take deep breaths. Aside from Staying safe, stay healthy.

4- Make time to do what you never got time for- Use a few hours of your day to do something you enjoy but you never got time to do.

5- Connect with others- Talk to people you trust about your concerns and how you`re feeling.

The situation may be overwhelming, but coping with Covid-19 will make you , the people you care about, and your loved ones stronger.

Stay Safe :)

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