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How to book Cheap Flight Tickets.

Flights can be very costly, specially if you do not book 2 or 3 months in advance. But that's not always possible as we have busy and unplanned schedules. Sometimes we pay such a huge price for flights that it would have covered our whole two-way journey.
I'm sharing you these ten tips that can help you save few bucks on the purchase of your next airline ticket. 

1- Plan in Advance 

Planning in advance can save you a lot, usually you can get the best deals for international and domestic flights three to six months in advance.Let's say if you're traveling during the peak times such as summer or holidays it's even wiser to start your search even before and be flexible with your dates.

2- Stay Organized

Searching the internet for offers or travel plans can be really frustrating. So before you begin to save money on flights you must keep a piece of paper with you. Either note down in that paper or you can also bookmark the whole page. But make sure you only save the relevant sites, if you save all of them, you will end up being frustrated. Just organize and keep your best options in front of you.

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3- Travel on Weekdays 

Traveling on weekdays can also help you save a lot. Usually on weekends the price for air tickets tend to skyrocket because most of the people travel on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so it's recommended to travel anywhere between Mondays to Thursdays if you can hold for that long.

4- Use Online Travel Agent 

Websites such as skyscanner, ixigo, kayak, expedia etc can get you cheap flights as they compare the price with other online ticket booking sites and also with airline's official website as well.

Always check out the official website of the airline because most of the time airlines come out with deals they post it on their official website, so open up the official website and also open the travel agent website and compare the prices and while you are doing it make sure you are on incognito. 

While using online site you must look at their rating and review, scan are becoming nuisance these days. Make sure they have good customer care, just if you ever need it.

5- Ask for Student Discount 

If  you are booking over the counter or if you are booking in an airline office ask the agent to give you a student discount. You can provide your student id or you can show that you are a student and you can claim your student discount. Don't be shy to ask for a student discount especially if you are a international students, you will probably end with up either saving a lot of money or mostly an an extra baggage, which is much needed for international students. 

6- Be Careful What You Are Paying For

When you are paying for the ticket usually there are hidden charges and the airlines don't tell you.
There is a trick that you sometimes end up paying for window seat while you don't want window seat and sometimes you end up paying for aisle seat but you don't want the aisle seat. Most of the time aisle seat is more expensive than the window seat and sometimes it's vice versa.

Make sure what you're paying for, if you don't want the window seat don't pay for it. Save some money Be Smart.

7- Incognito 

"Incognito Mode" you may have heard this maybe you don't know if you never used it. 

It is basically based on the cookies in your browser, flights and hotel prices for that matter can actually increase and will probably increase when you're searching for a route repeatedly this is because your searches are being logged into the site algorithm and they're basically trying to instill panic in you so that you book the flights as fast as possible but don't worry you don't have to book the flights as soon as you see them. Once you go incognito these cookies will not interfere and you can see their actual price same as they were first time you searched. 

8- Coupon Websites

When you are about to book flight tickets, check for various flight coupon sites. Many of the ticket booking sites give coupon to their customers but mostly we never hear them. Before you book the ticket, checkout all these sites and apply the coupon directly to these flight booking websites. It will surely save some from your pocket.

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9- Offer on Credit or Debit Card

Online Payment is everyone's piece of cake, but you know you can save a lot with the same card you use to book flights. Yes..There are lot of active offers and coupon code available most of the time you book ticket. You must check out offer on your Credit or Debit card on your bank's website or social media platform or google before you use your card to pay.

10- Airline Membership Programs. 

Almost all of the Airlines have started Membership programs to benefit the frequent flyers and also for people who travel often on holiday. It is a great way to save money on flights, once you join and travel with your membership On, you will earn points and rewards on every journey. Many programs like British airway executive club, Singapore Airline Krisflyer, Air Canada Aeroplan, Air India Flying return, Emirate Skywards etc.

These were the ten ways that can help you save a few bucks on the purchase of your next airline ticket.

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