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Make things Happen As You Want them to Be.

Nothing happens to you, It happens Because Of You.
We keep working hard for things we desire in our life, but often we see that  things don't work out as we want them to be. 

I always strive for things which are much higher than my potential. But now i have learned few things to make things happen as you want them to be.

Firstly, We have to understand something that success is not something that happens to you but it's something that happens because of you. YES.. it happens when you are taking certain actions. When you're doing certain things which are important and stop doing other things, which  are less meaningful and less productive for our goal.

You are responsible to everything that happens to you.

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Success is a result of human decisions, this is extremely important to understand that "you're responsible to everything that happens to you" - This is probably the biggest difference between the successful people and unsuccessful ones.

When you believe that you are responsible to what's happening to you, you're going to take action but if you believe that it's something outside of control and it happened without your will then you're just going to leave it. 

Let's say you have failed your exam, if you believe that you have failed because your teacher didn't teach well or you didn't attend lecturer  or the exam questions were totally outside the topic or whatever reason it might be then you're just going to leave it like that because you will feel that it's not your responsibility or it was beyond your control. 

You feel that it's THEM not YOU, they're the ones who are unfair...they're the ones who should be blamed for, but what if you believe that you have failed it because of yourself maybe because you didn't study enough, bad preparation or lack of focus.  What's important here is that once you believe that you are the cause you start taking action, you start working on how the heck you can fix that ? even if it wasn't your fault you got to believe that you are the reason. You're going to start looking for solutions. Once you believe that you are the reason that you are in control of the situation, you have to live your life with a mindset that whatever happens in my life is because of me. 

Let's say you start a new business, a financial crisis hits the economy and your business goes down believing that is something that happened because you and outside of control. You won't do anything about it except blaming it but believing that business is going down because of you. You automatically start thinking on what you can do to fix it.

Approach every situation as someone who is acting not being acted upon.

To get what you want in life you must adopt this view that whatever is going to happen on your world good or bad or nothing it's something caused by you once you start to approach every situation as someone who is acting not being acted upon you will start to have more control over your life.

Everyone knows how important it is to set goals however most people fail to achieve them primarily because they underestimated the amount of effort that's required to achieve them.

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Lets say you're making a target of reading a 200-page book in a month. You may not take it seriously because the task is not hard to accomplish and you have plenty of time, you might just decide to postpone it until the last day of the month. Once the time is almost over you will try to at least read half of it; so that you don't feel guilty about yourself or not doing anything. But if you aim to read ten books this month which is really hard to achieve, you know that you have to work hard for it from first day  and you can't leave it until the last day of the month because you can't read ten books in a day. You must work harder  and take it more seriously, give it more time because you understand the size of the goal.

Do not put limited effort to achieve something.

We must set higher goals and achieve 80 or 90% of it than keeping small goals and achieving 100% of it or none of it. We often know that not we are not going to achieve hundred-percent in things we do or goals we set. 

I realize that in my college if I set the goal to get 80 for this subject I would put enough effort just to get around 80% for my final assignment but what will happen is that at the end of the day i will end up with B or B plus.  The same thing goes with those who fail if you just pay attention those who feel they always aim just to get that 50%  so that they can just pass the subject. But what mostly happens that they will get a little bit below the target goal which is maybe forty or forty-five percent. 
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We most of the times underestimate the amount of effort that's required to achieve a certain goal.  We must set goals as high as possible.

I clearly want to state that I'm not telling here to make goals so big that you can't achieve but rather set goals that are equal to your highest potential. If you put maximum possible amount of effort in; how much marks you can get or how much money you can make in business or how many books you can read in a month. 

Your goal should super extremely freaking hard to achieve and yet realistic. Good Luck.

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