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5 Insanely Unique and Affordable Travel Destinations You Must Visit.


We may technically be adults now, but i think part of that adventurous lifestyle, means you know every now and then we want to forget about all the responsibilities and problems and travel far in the world. But most of travel destinations are costly and flights and hotels..they all are more than your pocket. 

You can travel to few places in the world which are insanely unique yet affordable in all ways.

Here we are to share the perfect place for everyone. So you can do it more budget friendly yet those are the places you want to stay.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the capital of this Baltic country and is such an overlooked destination. Estonia itself is making strides in providing resources for digital nomads and is an incredibly forward-thinking and progressive nation. There are free wi-fi spots everywhere, making it easy for travelers to stay connected because when we go to a new country first, we all search for internet connection to talk to our near and dear ones. 

It holds the title as the "Most Advanced Digital Society" in the world .It has the first e-government and also provides e-residency to people from all over the world but don't worry if you're an outdoorsy person it's also about 50% forest, making it one of the greenest countries.

Tallinn itself is one of the most well-preserved medieval cities in Europe and that means travelers can step back into a fairy tale world wandering in its old town, definitely make sure you visit over the holidays because the Christmas market is so big, super traditional and just a wonderful time to spend there. 

But since we also have discerning tastes now Tallinn offers a great variety of not only local traditional dishes but also international cuisine and honestly it is one of the most affordable countries in europe plus don't forget to explore all of the incredible history here like heading to the tv tower to learn about its importance during the Soviet Era and if all of that doesn't convince you that talent estonia should be on your travel list.

 * Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Not only is Plovdiv the Oldest City in Europe it's also one of the Oldest Cities in the World. In 2019, it was voted European Cultural Capital. It's easy to see why this is the perfect place to visit in your lifetime. 

The Kapana District is like an artsy playground for most of travelers. Cute Alleyways, Street Art, Umbrella decor, Queen Cafes and tons of vegetarian friendly restaurants sprinkled all over this part of town. It's easy to explore the historical and vibrant old town where you can visit Roman ruins, an Ancient roman theater that was built to seat 3,000 people or you can just sit in a cafe and watch the world go by. 

If you are a wine lover, you will appreciate a good wine every now well then Plovdiv is actually well known for its wine production.It's home to a popular local grape and there are at least 20 boutique wineries all around Plovdiv. A local insider tip is to check out the highly recommended "Wine Bar Vino Culture" and taste some of the local Bulgarian wines. 

The city is also surrounded by some beautiful landscape and referred to as the 'City of Seven Hills' so spend a couple of hours hiking the various hills and enjoying views of a modern city. It is very affordable, Plovdiv is less than $150 including food and accommodation for a weekend here so it's an incredibly budget-friendly place to add to your travel list.

* Bocas Del Toro, Panama.

This archipelago is often sought out by surfers and backpackers and is renowned for its nightlife. It is a bit of a trek to get here because you have either the choice of flying into San Jose, Costa Rica and then taking about a 10-hour shuttle ride there plus another 45-minute boat ride or you can come from Panama city where you also have a 10-hour bus ride plus the 45-minute boat ride to get to the main island.

You can then either stay on the main Island or you can stay on one of the surrounding islands where you'll find lots of Eco-lodges which basically means living completely off the grid with nothing but solar power and rain water. Bocas Del Toro also encompasses some of Central America's largest rainforests. It has nine main islands and 52 k's and tons of little islands full of coral reefs and mangroves that you'll easily see when you use the main mode of transportation which is by water taxi.

You'll even get to see Sloths which is so cool and this place is perfect to embrace that inner child that fun enthusiasm for life by taking surfing lessons, going diving, riding a bike around, snorkeling and exploring all of the beautiful islands. You'll find here and if you really want to relive your 20s there is a fantastic event called 'Filthy Friday' sounds classy doesn't it? But it is exactly what it says on the time. It is a bar crawl that happens across three islands and bars on each of those island starts at 11:30 am every single friday and goes until 9 pm. Del Toro is definitely affordable but bear in mind that you are very remote which means that the internet and electricity is not always very stable.

* Lapland, Finland

If seeing the northern lights is on your list as it well should be. There are a ton of places you can go to try and catch this natural phenomenon but it is recommend Finnish Laplands. It's actually labeled as one of the best places to see the northern lights because of the strong winds there it's actually rare to get cloudy days which obviously is going to limit your view. Lapland, Finland one of the best places to see the northern lights.

It is also said to be the home place of "Santa Claus" so it just has that little bit of extra magic to it. The local population is the Sami Tribe and it's incredibly fascinating to learn about their traditions and way of life and their close relationship with the reindeer and the way they use them for basically all aspects of their life. The number of reindeer in the province is actually equal to people and feeding them. 

It is fairly budget-friendly, if you opt to stay in a regular cabin versus those glassy glues that look so magical. Note population is very scarce making it a very remote and romantic place to travel for some time in the snow.


* Dominica 

Now this spot is not to be confused with the Dominican Republic and definitely a must do in your lifetime. Dominica has been an independent country since 1978. The currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar and the official language is English, even though you will hear Creole spoken . 

This isn't the place for white sandy beaches and a Mojito under an umbrella so you definitely won't be finding the regular tourist crowds here but if you're an adventurous adult you'll find is the nature island, lush green hills that remind of scenes from Jurassic park along with tons of beautiful hikes. 

Dominica has the world's second largest boiling lake which is probably one of the most interesting hikes because the terrain is so different. The island has nine volcanoes and you can even see the neighboring islands of Martinique and Guadalupe from the top views. You can do tons of outdoor activities on this island like River tubing, Kayaking, Canyoneering or Canyoning and Scuba diving 

Most amazing part about this island is the whale watching. You can do generally see dolphins and all sorts of whales off the coast because lots of them pass through while they migrate however make sure you book with an operator because a licence is required to do this. 

Life is all about making the journey to find the hidden gems in it. Make sure you drop your favorite destination in comment box.

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