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Attitude of Gratitude - The First Key to Unlock Your Dreams!

attitude of gratitude

Let's just try and be a little more grateful to everyone! 

At times, may be to our maids or the Rickshaw wale bhaiyas whose worth is mostly ignored.

At times, to loved ones who means the world to us but are too often taken for granted.

At times, to random people you might not know, just for no reason.

And certainly, Everyday to the Creator who gave you this amazingly beautiful life.

Though at times you might feel that life is unfair to you but believe me, you couldn't have asked him for a better one, Believe me you are more luckier than you could ever envisage.

Might be, today you don't realize the worth of how beautiful is the life gifted  to you, but just for once try and sneak out of your own self centric world, and then you will meet people (may be just the next seemingly happy soul beside you) with situations in life you couldn't have even imagined in the scariest of your dreams and then one day you might just probably realize how amazingly fortunate you are!

Might be, there've been drastic episodes of failure or despair in your life, but then, 'be Thankful' because you always had that unending support system of family and friends backing you up. 

And if not even for them, then just be Grateful for he gave you a heathy mind and body so that no matter how grievous the circumstances you encounter in life might become.

You undoubtedly, alone hold all the potential and strength to overcome the seemingly tough situation of yours, definitely with all the Flying Colors.

Also, be grateful for all the hardships and miseries you might have today, For every time it comes, it makes you a better and stronger version of yourself than you were just yesterday! 

Greet it with a smile on your face today, and you'll soon bid it goodbye with even a larger smile the next day! 

Believe me, Gratitude has such immense power. 

The more you express it, the more you've in your life to express it for!

So, in this bustling modern world, where people are turning to be a little more melancholic and self-seeking each passing day, let's just be a little a little more sensitive and kind.

Let's just greet all the passengers we meet on our life's journey with a little more respect, compassion and at least a smile,

You never know when that 1 smile of yours could cheer up and literally make someone's day far more brighter. 


Do not just read the post and walk away. 

Go and Start right now to observe yourself the rewiring in your brain to be happier each day.

Here are a few steps on how you can get started with it:-

1. Make a Gratitude Notebook. 

2. Spend at least 10 minutes of your day writing (preferably either early in the morning or before going to sleep) in your notepad. (Atleast 3) 

3. Try recollecting the events of your day. Even though it might have been a bad day for you, no worries, let that sink in. Try focusing on the positive side of it and you might write "I'm grateful for my boss's reprimand today for it made a little more patient." Or You could thank the little things around  which mostly goes unnoticed like "I'm grateful for the wonderful parents/friends/nature/birds/flowers/rivers/stars/life/the new T-shirt you recently bought etc. "  You could include anything under the sun and just acknowledge your gratefulness for it. 

4. Be very regular, punctual and honest with your gratitude diary/note.

5. Start and end it with a beautiful broad smile on your face. 

Also, you could include Positive affirmations and daily target setting for yourself alongside. This will keep you cheerful, enthusiastic, determined, motivated and rejuvenated to get a headstart for your goals. Lets get started with Attitude of Gratitude.

Stay Calm, Stay Happy, Stay Positive and Stay healthy peeps! 

- Koral Jain ♥

attitude of gratitude

Do share your experiences and opinions in the comment section below. 


  1. So beautifully put.❤❤❤
    Gratitude is something which is long due and can help in making this world a better place.